Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 18.05.2022
- Night ends: 02:43
- Sunrise: 04:16
- Sunset: 22:33
- Night begins: 00:07
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 02:37
- Sunrise tomorrow: 04:13
- sunset tomorrow: 22:36
- Night begins tomorrow: 00:13
1. General information:
Kauhava, a former Finnish Air Force field, offers an excellent environment for aviation activities. The field is owned by LSK Business Park Oy, and operated by Ilmasotakoulun Lentokerho Ry (local flying club). Kauhava is an active gliding and general aviation airfield. Additionally, there is a lot of paragliding and aero-modelling activity. The field is located just a couple of kilometers from Kauhava downtown with all basic services close at hand.

A two-way VHF transmitter required for all aircraft and other aviators, including locally also aero-modelling activities.

Kauhava RMZ: 631717N 0225515E – 631610N 0230845E – 625656N 0231056E – 625641N 0230021E – 625757N 0225740E – 631717N 0225515E
SFC – 3500 FT AMSL

Ref: OPS M1-17

Kauhava class D airspace areas:

631800N 0224640E – 631610N 0230845E – 631029N 0230930E –
631023N 0225624E – 631800N 0224640E
SFC – FL 195

632056N 0233549E – 630108N 0235632E – 630424N 0233057E –
630428N 0230943E – 631029N 0230930E – 631610N 0230845E –
632056N 0233549E
SFC – FL 195

630422N 0224357E – 630423N 0225633E – 630428N 0230943E –
630424N 0233057E – 630224N 0232516E – 624413N 0232629E –
630422N 0224357E
SFC – FL 195

632156N 0223706E – 631800N 0224640E – 631023N 0225624E –
630423N 0225633E – 630422N 0224357E – 630151N 0222317E –
631017N 0221740E – 632156N 0223706E
SFC – FL 195

Ref: OPS M1-28

Additional notifications:
Occasionally, there may be lots of para-gliding car-tow activity on the RWY, from GND to 1000 meters. In addition to normal radio calls and before joining the traffic pattern for landing, all arriving traffic is ordered to circle the airfield in every circumstance to eliminate the risk of hitting the poorly visible towing cable. Observe the airspace especially carefully.

Other general information:
No winter maintenance. Please notice that an open airfield may be slippery or even in unusable condition. Operator does not guarantee RWY availability 24/7. PIC holds the final responsibility. If needed, please contact the airfield boss for more information.

2. The Airport:
RWY and TWY as well as aprons in good condition. Currently no winter maintenance.
3. Basic data:
Coordinates: 630727N 0230305E  (Map service)

Runway: 17/35 – 2700 x 60 M – ASPH
LDA 17: 2700 m , 35: 2700 m
Radio frequency: 122,800
Airport elevation: 46 M (151 FT)
Fuel availability: No general fuel distribution. Restricted availability.
Airport type: Private
Announcements: NOTAM

4. Sight seeing and services
Food available at the city center restaurants almost 24/7.

Accommodation available at Lentohotelli inside the former airbase area.

Kauhava Aircraft Park (outdoors museum)

Powerpark, the best amusement park in Finland, some 20 kilometers from the field.

5. Contact information:
Airport Chief / Ilmasotakoulun Lentokerho Ry Ville Sulkakoski
Phone: +358 400 604 219

LSK Business Park Oy
LSK Hotelli Oy
Mika Marjamäki, CEO
Puh. +358 50 570 8654


EFKA LDG chart, Click on picture opens PDF document

Aerial photo of Kauhava, photo taken from north on the 23.06.2015. Photo: Jarmo Uusimäki

Aerial photo of Kauhava, photo taken from north on the 23.06.2015.
Photo: Jarmo Uusimäki

Aerial photo of Kauhava, looking at runway 17. taken: 23.06.2015 Photo: Jarmo Uusimäki

Aerial photo of Kauhava, looking atrunway 17. taken: 23.06.2015.
Photo: Jarmo Uusimäki

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