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Tools for safe flying

Flight calculator

A great excel flight calculator originally made by Kari Perälä, which has been slightly updated and a few things corrected. However, as always, use is at your own risk and I hope that if you notice an error, please give feedback so that it can be fixed and a new version can be downloaded. The best feedback is always “I noticed such a mistake that I corrected, Here is the corrected version” 🙂

If you want to change Excel yourself, the protection is on, but there is no password in the protection

LDG Charts, updated 29.11.2022

Here you can download all LDG maps in one compressed .zip file. Each field is in a folder called the ICAO abbreviation, where there is an LDG map and an aerial view of the field, both in .pdf format.

The package also includes the latest Text information of all the Finnish  Controlled airports and TRA, ADC, LDG and VAC maps.

This package works well e.g. in the Air Navigation Pro program.

This next package is for SkyDemo’s navigation program. LDG maps are without subfolders and the files all start with the ICAO code EFxx. When you extract the zip package and add it to the map folder of the SkyDemo program, the information is displayed for the current airport.

This package is intended for the ForeFlight navigation program and the file is named so that ForeFlight understands the content and links them to the right place within the program.

I collected all Swedish field maps for the Air Navigation Pro program when for some reason they were not found inside ANP. The enclosed package contains maps of all Swedish managed fields, including IFR approaches, etc.