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Sodankylä - EFSO

1. Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 04.03.2024
- Night ends: 06:24
- Sunrise: 07:18
- Sunset: 17:35
- Night begins: 18:29
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 06:20
- Sunrise tomorrow: 07:14
- sunset tomorrow: 17:39
- Night begins tomorrow: 18:32
2. General information:

Well equipped and in good condition in central Lapland, about 3 kilometers from Sodankylä town center. The airfield is home to rescue helicopter Aslak, helicopter company HeliFlite Oy, which also maintains rotary aircraft as part of their business and Sodankylän Ilmailukerho flight club, with one motor plane and four gliders in their inventory. The airfield has been in active use of different forms of flight throughout its history. Operations have been organized by Sodankylän Ilmailukerho since 1966. In addition to its hobby and training activity, the club is involved in forest-fire surveillance and SAR activity.
Sodankylä airfield has been in use since the early 1940s, when it served as a layover for the route to Petsamo.


Current activity

Sodankylän Ilmailukerho ry
– aviation related hobbyist activity, glider, motor, model and flight training. Forest fire surveillance and search and rescue SAR.
Rescue Helicopter ASLAK
– rescue operations to support authorities
– helicopter aerial firefighting base, forest fire surveillance, search and rescue SAR
HeliFlite Oy
– helicopter flights and repairs.
Lapland rescue helicopter association
– Rescue helicopter ASLAK
– ASLAK medical center

3. Price Information:


4. The Airport:

The airport is in good condition with regards to the runway, taxiway and apron areas, approach and runway lights and PAPI lights. All facilitites are in good condition. The currently used paved runway, approach aid and the station building was completed in 1989. Runway and apron pavement has been renovated in 1996.

5. Basic data:

Coordinates: 672348N 0263705E
Runway: 1500 m x 30 m (asphalt)
Additional information: runway and apron pavement has been renovated in 1996, NDB instrument approach, high intensity approach and runway lights, PAPI lights
LDA: 16: 1500 m, 34: 1500 m
Frequency: 123,400
Airport altitude: 183 m (602 ft)
Fuel: refueling and services must be ordered in advance JET A1 – Heflite Oy, tel +358 400 970 130 Avgas 100LL – KanAir Malmi Oy, tel +358 40 5430765 (SodIk / Salmela)



6. Sight seeing and services
7. Contact information:

Airport Sodankylä EFSO
Lentoasemantie 42-56
FI-99600 Sodankylä
Tel +358 40 1639 845


Head of the airport
Mr Jani Kiemunki
Tel. +358 400 396735

Airport operator
Sodankylän kunta – Sodankylä Municipality Jäämerentie 1 (PL 60)
FI-99601 Sodankylä
Tel. +358 400 618870

Management of real estate and area
Tähtikunta Oy
Jäämerentie 1 (PL 60)
FI-99601 Sodankylä

Managing Director
Mr Timo Lohi Tel. +358 40 525 4292 

8. Links:

Sodankylä Airport:
Sodankylän Ilmailukerho ry
– Chairman: Marja Kuusela +358400518630 
Sodankylän kunta
HeliFlite Oy
Rescue helicopter ASLAK
The medical clinic Aslak operates on the airport, which is a part of the rescue helicopter base. The Clinic is open on every day of the year. Appointments between 08-18 tel. 1343 040 112. You can make enquiries about the availability of the service also outside opening hours.

9. Map