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Martiniiskonpalo - EFMP

1. Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 15.06.2024
- Night ends:
- Sunrise:
- Sunset:
- Night begins:
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow:
- Sunrise tomorrow:
- sunset tomorrow:
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2. General information:

One of the most special and exotic fields in our country. An airport located at the top of a hill, where the runways are somewhat convex, inclined, or a combination of both. In the surrounding area, gold settlements and mining districts; peace of mind is recommended. The closest accommodation option is Morgam’s Kultala, about 3.5 kilometers away, with a deserted cabin. The terrain for the cabin is easy to navigate. EFMP’s telephone mast (approx. 10 m) has already been removed, so there are no wilderness telephones in the fields anymore and GSM is not available. Even though the field is no longer among the official airports, the order rule of Lemmenjoki National Park still allows landing on the field. In other words, the land owner still has permission to use the field. The Kullakaivajaliitto has decided to start taking care of the field together with Jäkäläpää, and contact persons will be appointed for the field.

3. Price Information:


4. The Airport:

The surface of the runways is an uneven gravel surface with soft birch and pebbles, the worst of which are marked. Not recommended for nacelles or inexperienced pilots; advance visit with a pilot who knows the place is recommended (ask the Tunturi pilots). The biggest obstacles are the “library building”, the wind bag (-plate) and a few piles of stones. The runways are marked with white stones, otherwise the surface does not stand out from the surrounding terrain. Short and wide runways are difficult to visualize until the approach line. You can inquire about the condition of the field from the Kullanakaivajai association (link below).

5. Basic data:

Coordinates: 683933N 0254205E
Runway: 04/22 – 320 x 40 m – gravel,
11/29 – 350 x 40 m – gravel,
16/34 – 360 x 40 m – gravel
Radio frequency: 123.500
Field Elevation: 465 m (1526 ft)
Fuel point: no

6. Sight seeing and services

The surrounding wildernesses of Lapland are worth seeing. Next to the Lemmenjoki areas.

7. Contact information:

Contact person: Matti Sorvari/Tunturi-ilmailijat: (016) 675 8600.

8. Links:
9. Map