Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 22.08.2017
– Night ends: 04:38
– Sunrise: 05:34
– Sunset: 21:01
– Night begins: 21:57
Times tomorrow
– Night ends tomorrow: 04:41
– Sunsrise tomorrow: 05:36
– Sunset tomorrow: 20:58
– Night begins tomorrow: 21:53
1. General information:
The airfield is in North Savo, at Haapakummi in the city of Kiuruvesi. it was established in 1979. The asphalt surface has been layed in 1989-91.
There is a hangar with a small office/Flight planning space. There is a local aeroclub at the field, which had active glider, motor and ultra-light operations.
In the past, the activity was very active, but it quieted down during the turn of the century. After which the condition of the airport deteriorated.
In the fall of 2016, operations were restarted and the airport renovation was started. Renovation work has been continued during spring of 2017.
A grass RC-flying field has been set up in the outskirts of the runway to the south of the field. The current activity is mainly ultralight and RC-flying activities.
There are frequent RC-flying operations at the southern end of the runway, which is why all incoming aircraft must circle the field before landing.
2. The Airport:
The renovation of the airport was started in the fall of 2016 and continued in the spring of 2017. The cracks and damages of the asphalt have been repaired. The runway surface is reasonably good. Brushes and other vegetation have been removed from the slope. On the outside of the rocky area there is brushes and trees. At the southern end of the field, trees have been removed from a 2.2-hectare area. Thresholds and runway paintings will be made in the summer of 2017. The thresholds are temporarily marked.
3. Basic data:
Coordinates: 634220N 0263657E   (Map service)

Runway: 15/33 – 840 x 18 m – asphalt
LDA: 15: 775 m, 33: 720 m
Radio frequency: 123,500
Airport elevation: 157 m (515 ft)
Fuel availability: NIL, 5km to nearest gas station
Announcements: NOTAM

4. Sight seeing and services
Nearest restaurant at ABC service station some 5 kilometres from the field.
Other restaurants in town 7km away
5. Contact information:

Airport Chief:
Jari Tikkanen 0505642878

Aviation Club Kiurun Siivet ry
Chairman:  Aimo Heinonen 0443044572
Secretary: Jorma Repo 0400237954

Taxi (general)        +358 20 010 600
Taxistation:  Asematie 12   +358 17 106 477

6. Links:


EFKV LDG chart, Clicking on the image opens pdf document

Aerial photo of the south end of the field. Bushes and other vegetation have been removed from the slope, as well as trees and other vegetation removed from the vicinity of the landing strip. At the end of runway 33, a forest area of 2.2 ha has been cut down.
Picture: Jarmo Korhonen

EFRV Runway 33
Picture: Jorma Repo

EFRV Runway 15
Picture: Jorma Repo

In the front is the club-owned airplane hangar, the red building is an agility hall for dog enthusiasts.
Picture: Jorma Repo

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