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Kärsämäki - EFKR

1. Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 02.12.2023
- Night ends: 08:24
- Sunrise: 09:32
- Sunset: 14:44
- Night begins: 15:51
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 08:26
- Sunrise tomorrow: 09:35
- sunset tomorrow: 14:42
- Night begins tomorrow: 15:50
2. General information:

A small grass/gravel runway airfield in Kärsämäki municipality, the home of one Rallye and a Rans Coyote and a Murphy Renegade. Frequent visitors are also a Cardinal an Archer and an Zephyr. The field lies in the immediate vicinity of Kärsämäki centre and and highway No 4, additionally there is a camping site by the field. Right hand landing approach to runway 27.

3. Price Information:


4. The Airport:

The runway surface is flat and hard though. Turning is advisable using the enlargements at the end of the runway. Higher trees at the end of RW 27 where also a mast is located on the left side. Due to this the threshold is moved forward 400 m.

5. Basic data:

Coordinates: 635922N 0254437E
Runway: 09/27 – 700 x 10 m – Grass/gravel
LDA: 09: 700 m, 27: 300 m
Radio frequency: 123,550
Airport elevation: 106 m (348 ft)
Fuel availability: NIL
Announcements: NOTAM

6. Sight seeing and services

An interesting sight is the Paanukirkko church on the Pyhäjoki river bank. A sign on highway No 4, the church 500 m from the road. Service stations in the centre of Kärsämäki one km from the field, as well as shops and restaurants. Some 250 m from the field an accommodation establishment Suomela, offering tent space and old fashioned storing cabins for rent. There is a gas station about 500m from the field. Good place for aircraft capable of using mogas.

7. Contact information:

Airport Chief, Eino Ylitalo +358 40 0139429
Pyhäsalmen aviation club Ari Hintikka +358 400 282690
Taxi +358 8 771000.

8. Links:
9. Map