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Ii - EFML light airfeild

1. Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 07.12.2023
- Night ends: 08:48
- Sunrise: 10:10
- Sunset: 14:12
- Night begins: 15:33
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 08:50
- Sunrise tomorrow: 10:13
- sunset tomorrow: 14:10
- Night begins tomorrow: 15:32
2. General information:

The muncipality of Ii (ii not Li ) is located 20 min north of the city of Oulu.
About 40 min from Oulu airport (EFOU) by car along Highway E75.


If you come by car:
Follow E75 (Highway 4) from Oulu, about 35 km towards Kemi.
When approaching Ii, at shopping mall ”Autokeidas” turn right to Sorosentie, and after 2 km driving leave Sorosentie to right to Tikkasensuora (formerly Mökkiperäntie).
Drive about 500m and turn right to small forestroad which leads to airfield.
If you use GPS, use address Tikkasensuora 52 (or old address Mökkiperäntie 51), 91100 Ii. At that point small road turns to the forest and leads to the airfield.

3. Price Information:


4. The Airport:

Aviation Club of Ii has built their own airfield EFML close to village center. The airport was finished in 2006

5. Basic data:

Coordinates: 651800N 0252500E
Runways: 12/30 – 750 x 20 m – asphalt/gravel (asphalt 600 x 5 m)
Frequency: 123,650
Airport Altitude: 12 m (40 ft)
Fuel: Autofuel (98E) available occasionally, for inquries call +358 50 3282785

6. Sight seeing and services

Ii offers guests a clean environment, magnificent river and sea landscapes and a peaceful place to live. The water element has a powerful presence in Ii. A diverse nature abound with waterways provides a splendid setting for outdoor activities, berry picking, hunting, fishing, sports and boating. Fishing has always been an important means of livelihood and a way of life to Ii inhabitants. More information about Ii.

7. Contact information:

Airport Chief, Tarvo 040-5005 123
Ii aviation club: 

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9. Map