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Suomussalmi - EFSU

1. Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 15.06.2024
- Night ends:
- Sunrise: 02:29
- Sunset: 23:48
- Night begins:
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow:
- Sunrise tomorrow: 02:28
- sunset tomorrow: 23:49
- Night begins tomorrow:
2. General information:

In Suomussalmi municipality, about 14 kilometers from the Suomussalmi agglomeration, an asphalt airport with ultralight and gyrocopter operations. The nearest accommodation options are in the Suomussalmi settlement (e.g. a spa hotel and a camping site in the summer). However, for those with a wild spirit, there is a shed a couple of hundred meters from the field, where you can also spend the night.
Emäjoki flows near the field, which can also be seen in the pictures. It can also be reached by watercraft, there is no official landing place, you can anchor because the banks of the river are mostly sand, as long as you note that the banks are quite steep.

3. Price Information:


4. The Airport:

The runway, taxiways and parking area have a durable surface in good condition, the ends of which were renewed in 2010. The runway paintings were renewed in 2011. The hangar of the local flying club is in reasonable condition.

The fence surrounding the field was repaired in the summer of 2011, so reindeer should no longer be allowed to enter the field area. The area surrounding the field was taken over for farming in 2013, and the field is surrounded by a relatively flat hay field instead of the former clearing with heather and pine seedlings.

During the winter of 2013-2014, extensive clearing was carried out on the west side of the field, right from the edge of the airport area. Apart from a small pine island located at the edge of the field area at the level of the taxiway, there are hardly any edge obstacles on the west side.

5. Basic data:

Coordinates: 644921N 0284237E
Runway: 05/23 – 800 x 15 m – oil gravel/sand, oil gravel width 10 m
LDA: 05: 800m, 23: 800m
Radio frequency: 123.500
Elevation: 165 m (541 ft)
Fuel: maintained by the club
Notifications: NOTAM

6. Sight seeing and services

The field is located by the beautiful Emäjoki near the Aittokoski power plant. 10 kilometers from the field as the crow flies to the beach of Kiantajärvi in Suomussalmi. The nearest places to eat in the Suomussalmi area, e.g. restaurant Kultainen Kukko, pizzeria Pizza Mafia and Teboil Turjanhovi. Sights: e.g. Raatteen Portti (Winter War Museum).

7. Contact information:

Taxi +358 8 710 000.

8. Links:
9. Map

Here, Ari Hulkkonen’s CH 701 is taken from the Suomussalmi hangar to the water after the float installation