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Savikko - EFNS

1. Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 24.04.2024
- Night ends: 04:46
- Sunrise: 05:37
- Sunset: 21:04
- Night begins: 21:54
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 04:43
- Sunrise tomorrow: 05:34
- sunset tomorrow: 21:06
- Night begins tomorrow: 21:57
2. General information:

The field received the operational permit in the autumn of 2003. The grass-surfaced field lies 5,5 km to the northeast of Nurmijärvi parish village. The field is classified as PRIVATE, and every aircraft planning to visit the field must have permission of the field owner. Classification was adapted because the environmental permit limits the number of daily and yearly operations. The field comprises three buildings: a 450 sq meters hangar, a dry toilet (domestic terminal), and a flight planning building (international terminal). To the right of the end of runway 05 there is a restricted area (sheep farm) registered in the environmental permit. Field over fliers are asked to avoid this area, because flights over this area are registered as flights of of those permitted to operate on the field.

3. Price Information:


4. The Airport:

There are no obstacles along the edges of the runway, because the field is located in the middle of an agricultural field. The nearest obstacles are the vehicles using a road 400 m from the threshold. The firmness of the grass field is heavily dependent on the weather and the time of the year. Normally the field is usable 2-3 weeks from the melting of ground frost until there is snow. The grass surface of the apron renewed in the summer of 2008.

5. Basic data:

Coordinates (DD): 60.5181092, 24.830497
Coordinates: 603111N  0244955E
Runway: 05/23 – 440 x 23 m – grass
LDA: 05: 440 m, 23: 440 m
Radio frequence: 123,150
Airport elevation: 71 m (233 ft)
Fuel availability: NIL
Private, Permission required
Announcements: NOTAM

6. Sight seeing and services

Hiidenkivi-stone described in the novel Seven brothers by Aleksis Kivi approx. one km from the field. Café serving food 1,5 km from the field, between the motorway and the old Hämeenlinna
highway. Ostrich farm/summer café/tourist accommodation 3 km from the field.

7. Contact information:

Airport chief: Jarmo Hakala: +358 50 392 6873.
Airport address: Keikkumäentie 393, 01900 Nurmijärvi.
Taxi +358 9 700 900.

8. Links:
9. Map

EFNS Visual Approach and Landing Video. Watch full screen and keep close captions on.