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Piikajärvi - EFPI

1. Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 04.03.2024
- Night ends: 06:39
- Sunrise: 07:22
- Sunset: 18:05
- Night begins: 18:47
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 06:36
- Sunrise tomorrow: 07:19
- sunset tomorrow: 18:07
- Night begins tomorrow: 18:50
2. General information:

The Kokemäki Piikajärvi airfield is a regional sport flying centre maintained by Piikajärven Ilmailuyhdistys Piikajärvi Flying Club. The Pori, Rauma, Kokemäki and Vakka-Suomi flying clubs, and Pori-based Länsilentäjät operate at Piikajärvi. Flyers arriving at Piikajärvi should be aware of the lively gliding and motor-flying activity, often there are also hanggliders in the air. Towplanes are used for lunching gliders. Piikajärvi lake, immediately adjacent to the hangars, is suitable for swimming. There is also a sauna by the lake. Accommodation is in the new 2001 built clubhouse, in double rooms. A well equipped kitchen (micro oven, dishwasher, refrigerators etc), washing-room, TV-room, and toilets. Outdoors there is also a grilling shelter.The field further provides a flight-planning space.

3. Price Information:

Landing fee 5€
Season card 50€ (active for one calendar year)

4. The Airport:

Surfaced runways, taxiways, and apron in good condition. Field area outside runways covered with low-growing heather.

5. Basic data:

Koordinaatit: 611444N 0221136E   (Map service)

12/30 – 1000 x 18 m – asphalt/gravel (asphalt width 10 m),
17/35 – 1080 x 18 m – asphalt/gravel (asphalt width 10 m)
Radio frequency: 123,550
Airport elevation: 45 m (148 ft)
Fuel availability: NIL
Announcements: NOTAM

6. Sight seeing and services

Piikajärvi airfield is situated in the centre of beautiful Satakunta-county. Nearby towns; Kokemäki, Harjavalta – distance some 10 km – Pori – at some 40 km and Rauma at some 50 km, offer interesting sights and cultural experiences. Nearby are further the ancient cultural sites of Köyliö and Eura. Some 4 km from the field is the Pitkäjärvi camping centre, offering swimming, food etc. Harjavalta and Kokemäki towns provide shopping, restaurant, and other services.

7. Contact information:

Piikajärvi flying center Phone +358 44 5467421
Airport chief, Ari Pullinen Phone +358 40 860 9795.
Porin Ilmailukerho ry Flying Club Phone +358 2 632 4888.
EFPO TWR Phone +358 2 6100 6050.
Taxi +358 2 106 0664

8. Links:
9. Map