Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 06.10.2022
- Night ends: 07:05
- Sunrise: 07:49
- Sunset: 18:43
- Night begins: 19:27
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 07:07
- Sunrise tomorrow: 07:51
- sunset tomorrow: 18:40
- Night begins tomorrow: 19:24
1. General information:
Private airport near the center of Parkano. Hangar available, plenty of parking space, about 2 km to the center of Parkano. Access gate to premises. The asphalt is about 450 x 8 meters, but at both ends of the runway there is plenty of gravel. When landing on RWY 30 the 110 kilovolt power line at the threshold must be taken into account! Asphalt taxiway to the hangar, Please contact us when visiting! Welcome!
2. The Airport:
Asphalt is in good condition, RWY directions painted, no centerline.
3. Basic data:
Coordinates: 620052,7″N 0230329,7″E
Runway: 30/12 450×8 – asfaltti, lisäksi soraa päissä
Radio frequency: 123.500
Airport elevation: 125m (410ft)
Fuel availablility: Mogas in Parkano city
Airfield type: Private

4. Sight seeing and services
Plenty of restaurants and places to visit.

5. Contact information:
Sami Suomilammi +358 40 5464644
Timo Lehtinen +358 44 7865701
Tomi Mansikkaviita +358 50 4110300

Parkano LDG Chart, click on image for pdf document

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