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EFNU - Nummela

1. Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 16.07.2024
- Night ends: 03:13
- Sunrise: 04:29
- Sunset: 22:30
- Night begins: 23:47
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 03:16
- Sunrise tomorrow: 04:31
- sunset tomorrow: 22:28
- Night begins tomorrow: 23:44
2. General description of the field

Nummela is quite a busy airport located on top of the Nummela ridge in the middle of Nummela town. In the summer, there are lively gliding activity on the field and both motor and ultralight flight training activities. More than a dozen of aviation clubs and companies operate on the field.

Nummela airport is open all year round. Winter maintenance is not guaranteed, so you have to check the condition of the airfield either yourself or by calling the airport chief.

Nummela Airport Association is responsible for the maintenance of the field. The field’s environmental permit has been renewed in December 2022, which enables better opportunities for field development. the new operating hours are 07:00 – 22:00 local time. outside of this time, flights are limited to cross country flight arrivals only.

Naturally, you are also encouraged to familiarize yourself with the LDG map  before arrival. According to the environmental permit, all refueling has to take place at the refueling point.

3. Price information

Nummela is a so-called PN (Prior Notfication required) field. Before arrival, a PN notification must be made at the landing fees according to the price list will also come into force from 1 January 2021. Briefing information can be found at

4. Condition of the airfield:

Runway 22-04 was re-paved in 2019. Runway 27-09 was also paved in 2019. In the spring outside the paved area the ground is soft.

5. Basic information:

Coordinates: 602009N 0241751E
04/22 – 1214 x 20 m – asphalt
09/27 – 691 x 8 m – asphalt/gravel
LDA: 04: 1181 m, 22: 1214 m, 09: 691 m, 27: 597 m
Radio frequency: 122.825
INFO: 135,825
Elevation: 113 m (370 ft)
Fuel station: owned by the clubs.
Field type: PN (Prior Notification Required)
RWY Lights: 04/22. Operating instructions:
Information: NOTAM.

6. Things to see and eat

The airfield is in the midele of Nummela town, so all necessary services are a mere 10-minute walk from the field.

Several restaurants, banks, shops and a health center. On the edge of the Nummela field is the Air Hotel (formerly Airmotel). The restaurant is open on weekdays, on weekdays there is lunch bufé, etc. The hotel has 40 rooms.

7. Contact information:

Cumulus ry: phone: +358 400 543 836.
Field manager: Tom Arppe: +358 50 386 5368
Airhotel: +358 400 617 107.

8. Links:
9. Map

EFNU VAC Map, clicking on the image opens PDF document

EFNU LDG Map, clicking on the image opens PDF document

EFNU ADC Map, clicking on the image opens PDF document

EFNU Approach and landing video, watch in full screen size, turn on subtitles.