Runway 27-09 Closed:
09.09.2020  07:00 LCL – 10.09.2020  21:00 LCL
14.09.2020  07:00 LCL –  18.09.2020  21:00 LCL
Autonomous vehicle testing on runway

Use only paved surfaces for operation, runway edges are soft and asphalt edges high.

Airfield frequency has changed. New frequency is 122.825 Mhz. ATIS 135.825 Mhz

Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 20.09.2020
- Night ends: 06:23
- Sunrise: 07:05
- Sunset: 19:29
- Night begins: 20:10
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 06:25
- Sunrise tomorrow: 07:07
- sunset tomorrow: 19:26
- Night begins tomorrow: 20:07
1. General information:
Nummela is a lively Airport located on a ridge formed during the Ice-age in the middle of the Nummela town. During the summer, there is a lot of glider activity conducted by the gliding club operating on the airport. Flight training is also on the menu conducted by the Cumulus Gliding Club.
Because the field is located in the middle of the Nummela town, we try to limit the noise to a minimum. For this reason, touch and go landing training is prohibited. Between 1900-0700 UTC (during summer 1800-0600 UTC) flights is limited to only necessary arrivals and departures
We wish to welcome all visiting aircraft’s to the aerodrome, but we advise you to familiarize yourself with the LDG chart and the existing NOTAM’s.
2. The Airport:
Main runway: 04-22; asphalt surface section 1200 meters, the threshold at runway 22 after intersection of runways, runway renewed in 2019. Before the threshold of runway 22 there is a narrow asphalt surface starting area (length approx. 300 m) and landing area (wide asphalt) for gliders.
When using runway 04 gliders land on the runway if traffic permits.
The windsock is located at the intersection of the runways – in the east-north-east sector.
The signal square is next to the windsock.
Aerodrome Traffic Circuits: The main traffic circuit of the sailplanes is left – tow planes use operationally most advantageous traffic circuit and runway, which often differs from what the gliders are using (the most common situation: gliders – Runway 22, tow planes – runway 27).
Apron is located along the main runway next to the car parking.
3. Basic data:
Coordinates: 602009N 0241751E  (Map)

Runways: 04/22 – 1200 x 20 m – ASPH,
09/27 – 500 x 10 m – ASPH
LDA: 04: 1600 m, 22: 1200 m, 09: 580 m, 27: 800 m
Frequency: 122,825
ATIS: 135,825
Airport altitude: 112 m (367 ft)
Fuel: NIL (mogas can be arranged by club)

4. Sight seeing and services
The airport is located in the middle of Nummela town, so all the necessary services are within a 10-minute walk from the airport. Several restaurants, banks, shops and a medical center are nearby. Nummela Air Hotel (ex. Airmotel) is located at the airport and provides good food and accommodation with over 40 rooms and meeting facilities. The restaurant is open weekdays.
5. Contact information:
Email: ,
Airport Chief, Tom Arppe: +358 50 386 5368
Cumulus club: +358 400 543 836.
Airhotel: +358 9 223 8100.


EFNU LDG Chart, Click to open pdf chart

EFNU ADC kartta, klikkaus avaa pdf dokumentin

EFnu Visual Approach and Landing Video. Watch full screen and keep close captions on.

Efnu Tower, Nummela before WW2 built (1942) Control “tower”. Picture: Toma

Nummelan Airfield seen from the southeast. View from the tail of our ASK-21 trainer

Nummela Airport seen from south. Picture taken: 04.02.2020 By: Tom Arppe

Gliders being prepared for the days flights Picture: Harri Mustonen, (click to enlarge)

Nummela Tow plane PIK-15 Hinu. (click to enlarge)

Nummela Tow plane PIK-15 Hinu. (click to enlarge)

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