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It has already been almost 9 years since the service started by Pekka Lehtinen was extended. The first version had to be done quickly because it was urgent to get a sequel to it. n the haste, the easiest way to maintain the website was not chosen. Over the years, technology has developed and nowadays there are solutions that are considerably easier to maintain. has now been updated, and although there may not be so many changes on the outside, a lot of changes have taken place in the background, which make life easier for the administrator. This update was quite a big job because almost everything had to be redone from scratch. The cut-and-paste buttons have almost worn out during this ordeal.
My sincere hope is that, in addition to me, someone enthusiastic about maintaining this service would be included. No system should be behind only one person. We may not have the safest hobby, so it would be good if there were a little redundancy involved to secure the continuation.

During this update process there are definitely some mistakes somewhere, so I hope that you will give feedback as soon as you notice something that is not right. You can leave feedback through the buttons in the footer.
As always, suggestions are gladly accepted.

Best regards