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Kumlinge - EFKG

1. Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 16.07.2024
- Night ends: 03:29
- Sunrise: 04:45
- Sunset: 22:44
- Night begins: 00:01
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 03:32
- Sunrise tomorrow: 04:47
- sunset tomorrow: 22:42
- Night begins tomorrow: 23:58
2. General information:

An airfield on Kumlinge island, with a runway constructed of red asphalt. The field is equipped with wing weights , and a cabin for flight preparation. Some five km from the field, in Kumlinge city, there is a cabin village “ Arja Hampf (Phone 0400-529199) meets at the field by agreement. Arja will also take you back to the field via the local store. A lack of fuel canisters is a problem. The runway is equipped with lights, which are lit (if operational) by transmitting 15 sec of carrier wave at the field frequency.

There are four bikes on the airport that can be rented for 10€ / day. Payment information can be found on the message board in the briefing room.

3. Price Information:


4. The Airport:

Runway in good condition. At the northern end of the runway the terrain rises up to 10 metres, where there are approx 20m high trees some 300m north of the runway. Gulls and hares may occasionally be on the runway – caution during take-off and landing!

5. Basic data:

Coordinates: 601440N 0204817E
Runway: 15/33 – 600 x 18 m – asphalt
LDA: 15: 600 m, 33: 600 m
Radio Frequency: 123,400
Airport altitude: 2 m (7 ft)
Fuel availablility: No, but the store sells mogas.
Announcements: NOTAM

6. Sight seeing and services

The most up-to-date information can be found at The lighthouse (built in 1937) stands on a rock within walking distance of the field, it can of course also be seen from the air, but it is also worth visiting. Kumlinge church is the most famous attraction in the locality with its 500-year-old wall and ceiling paintings. The journey there from the field through the village is about 4 km.

7. Contact information:

Ålands landskapsstyrelse Government of the Aland county Phone +358 018 25000
TWR EFMA +358 18 634 420.
EFKG: +358 18 55542, +358 18 55401.

8. Links:
9. Map