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Immola - EFIM

1. Sunset and sunrise and the SERA definition of night
Finnish time today, 16.07.2024
- Night ends: 02:36
- Sunrise: 04:03
- Sunset: 22:22
- Night begins: 23:49
Times tomorrow
- Night ends tomorrow: 02:40
- Sunrise tomorrow: 04:05
- sunset tomorrow: 22:20
- Night begins tomorrow: 23:45
2. General information:

A very busy airfield, 11 kilometres from Imatra centre, and only 9 kilometres from the Russian border. The field has a long history, all the way from the last war. The field pursues many activities: motor flying, gliding, ultralight flying, aeromodelling, parachuting, and hang- and paragliding.The Frontier Guard also operates fairly often with helicopters at the field. The distance from Lappeenranta to Immola is some 50 kilometres. At the end of the field in Niemilampi lake you can swim and have a sauna-bath. The field is also furnished with good facilities for flight planning. The Skydive Karjala ry parachuting club can offer board for approximately 25 people. The facilities also include a buffet, where you can prepare your own food and purchase snacks, coffee and soft drinks when the buffet is open. The main building of the club includes sauna facilities and wireless internet connections. The equipment is at de disposal of flyers, and can be used to contact the Skydive Karjala chairman. Contact info: see below. Motor flying on the field is prohibited from 20 to 04 o’clock UTC. Exception permits can be requested from the Frontier Guard.

3. Price Information:


4. The Airport:

Runway 01/19 is paved with asphalt (renewed 2020) and it is in excellent shape.
Runway 09/27 is gravel surfaced with 100M asphalt runup strips in the beginnings.
Taxiways to runway 01/19 are paved with asphalt (renewed 2020).
Apron is paved with asphalt/concrete. Pavement in good shape.
Winter maintenance applied to runway 01/19, taxiway and apron. Contact prior flight for up-to-date info see contact info.
Runway 01/19 is equipped with runway and PAPI lights. Lightning requests, see contact info

5. Basic data:

Coordinates: 611459N 0285413E
RWY 01/19 – 1090 x 23 m – asphalt, LDA 900M, ASDA 1076M
RWY 09/27 – 800 x 15 m – gravel, LDA 800M, ASDA 1300M
Radio Freq: 123,600 (IMMOLA TRAFFIC)
Elevation: 103 m (338 ft)
Fuel availability:
AVGAS 100LL ja MOGAS, Immola Air Oy, tel. 040 701 8748
JET A1, Saimaa Aviation Oy, tel. 040 081 0031 or 040 829 6582
Announcements: NOTAM

6. Sight seeing and services

The hangar is from the war and it has been partially damaged by bombs, which which is easily noted. The memorial commemorating the German Kuhlmey flight detachment, which operated from Immola in 1944, can also be seen in the field. The nearest shops are in a village some two kilometers from the field.

7. Contact information:

Airport Chief: : Pasi Sutinen, tel. 040 829 6582.  
Airport caretaker: Teppo Näränen, tel. 040 777 6973, sp 
Imatra Aviation club Chairman: Janne Näränen phone. +358 400 613884
Skydive Karjala  Chairman Heikki Härkänen, phone. +358 40 021 1284

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9. Map