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All Finnish LDG charts (along with controlled airports TRA, ADC, LDG ja VAC charts ) have been packaged into one ZIP file which is downloadable by pressing the button below. The package is updated quite frequently.
In Air Navigation Pro All charts are located within their own directory named by the ICAO ID for that particular airport. The Folder also contains an aerial photo of the non-controlled airports in pdf format.
In the SkyDemon package there are only the un-controlled airfields. All files are separate but starts with the ICAO airport code EFxx. e.g. “EFHF_LDG.pdf”
In ForeFlight there is a naming standard that places them under the right link in the program itself. The package only contains  the un-controlled airfields as ForeFlight contains the controlled ones by default. The package is following the naming convention described in this document .

These packages are fairly easy to import into Air Navigation Pro, SkyDemon and ForeFlight. they could possibly work with other navigation software as well.

Updated 25.may.2020

Download LDG Charts for Air Navigation Pro (86.2 MB) Downloaded (6,231) times
Download LDG Charts for SkyDemon (46.5 MB) Downloaded (2,446) times
Download LDG Charts for ForeFlight (19.7 MB) Downloaded (450) times
Download Charts for Sweden for Air navigation Pro (192.7 MB) Downloaded (367) times


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