How to fly with a Foreign Ultralight to Finland

Tom ArppeInfo

There has been a few questions of how to ask for permission to fly an national  Ultralight aircraft from a foreign country within Europe.
Below is information on how to proceed. The application procedure will cease 25.08.2016 and after that it is allowed to fly into Finland without any special application as long as the ultralight has a certificate of Airworthiness and the Pilot a valid medical and pilots license issued within EU, Norway and Switzerland.

From now to 25.08.2016 the following procedure is active:

For operations in Finnish airspace with an aircraft that does not have a normal Certificate of Airworthiness issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 8, you need to fill in a form in which the pilot-in-command or aircraft owner takes the responsibility and assures that all requirements are fulfilled. This can be done by filling in the application form LU3618sre concerning foreign aircraft that require a permission to fly in Finland.

The form can be filled in here:

More information can be found here:

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